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Ultra Sports Clinic

Liverpool Str. London

33 Sun Street

London EC2M 2PY

2 min walk from Liverpool Str. Tube Station

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Open Monday - Friday at 7:30am – 8:00pm


"I have had problems for years with certain muscles and after a few weeks I am almost 100% fit. I also understand what has been causing the problems so I know what to do in the future to remedy the issues. I would recommend to anyone who wants professional and reliable help."

- Ryan Day, Google Reviews

Physiotherapy and Sports Recovery at our Liverpool Street Clinic

Since 2017, Ultra Sports has been providing the highest quality of Physiotherapy and Sports Recovery to its valued London client base to ensure we can cover every part of your recovery journey from start to finish. Our Liverpool Street location is equipped with the highest quality equipment, as well as a team of qualified experts to help you on your physiotherapy journey. Book your appointment today!

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The Ultra Sports Way at Liverpool Street

No two recovery journeys are the same. When you come to visit us, we first assess your injury, we then diagnose and analyse the best course of treatment, whether that is osteopathy, physio, chiropractic treatment, sports massage, shockwave treatment or biokinetic classes with our onsite biokineticist Nicci


Our aim is to get you where you need to be, using the best experts at our Liverpool street location all situated under one roof, and building a rehabilitation plan that is created specifically for you. We will make sure we tailor every part of your journey, and we will go that extra mile to make sure you get there.



A Treatment Tailored to you with our Free Body Reviews

We designed the Ultra Body Review to help you decide on the best course of action and therapy for you. A practitioner will determine the optimum course of treatment that is completely tailored to you with a free 15-minute consultation at our Liverpool Street location.

Experts Physiotherapists in Liverpool Street

We offer focused and guided therapy to educate, retrain, activate, and strengthen particular parts of your body with expert physios at our Liverpool Street clinic. Our physiotherapy treatments include mobilisation, manipulation, soft-tissue massage and trigger point therapy, dry needling, stretching and shockwave treatments to help ease symptoms, achieve your objectives and prevent further injury.

Ultra Sports Reception


Our Liverpool Street Team

Our Liverpool Street team consists of highly qualified and experienced clinicians that are experts in identifying your exact needs and ensuring a fast return to recovery and maintaining your optimum health. 


Jaco Visagie

Clinical Lead & Senior Physiotherapist

MSc Exercise & Sport Physio (UCT), BSc (Hons) (US)


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Christine Fletcher

Senior Physiotherapist

BPhty, PGCert, MCSP

HCPC Registered

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Richard Terry

Senior Physiotherapist

BSc (Hons), MCSP, HCPC

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Kylie Jacobs

Senior Physiotherapist 

BSc (Hons), MCSP, HCPC

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Nicci Robson

Biokineticist &

Clinical Rehab Specialist 

BA HMS, BA Hons Biokinetics

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