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Sports Massage

Deep tissue massage is focused on regaining normal muscle and soft tissue flexibility to assist recovery from or to help prevent injury. This form of massage works by increasing blood flow to the tissues, assisting with scar tissue breakdown, and encouraging lymphatic drainage of swelling and waste products. The effect of this is normalised soft tissue flexibility and thus improved joint mobility. Soft tissue tension affects the normal position of the joints and associated nerve tissue. Therefore it is often involved in movement imbalances and postural dysfunctions and is almost always a contributing factor in musculoskeletal pain.

What people are saying

Tom Gym

These guys are the absolute BEST IN CLASS when it comes to fixing you up if your body for whatever reason isn't working the way it's supposed to. 


Mr Monaco

Positive experience so far with Ultra Sports. Friendly staff, easy to book, good facility and they have an excellent massage therapist. Chris Elliot helped me several times bringing me back in shape after some of the worst injuries that I ever had. I highly recommend both the clinic and the professional. 


David Kininmonth

First class, very experienced and caring.

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