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Ultra Sports Clinic - June 2020 Patient of the Month

Meet Eleni, our Patient of the Month for June 2020.

Eleni has had longstanding knee pain in both of her legs for more than a decade.

After being told her only option was total knee replacement, Eleni suffered through pain for years in an attempt to avoid surgery.

In September 2019, Eleni tried conservative measures one last time. She underwent injection therapy alongside a robust course of physiotherapy with Damian Lazzaro, one of our Senior Physiotherapists.

Damian focused on improving Eleni’s lower limb biomechanics through massage, joint mobilisation and progressive exercise.

Eleni has had an outstanding response to all of her interventions and is largely pain-free at present.

She continues to see Damian periodically for maintenance sessions to reduce the likelihood of needing any further intervention in the future.

Well done to Eleni for taking control of her health.

One Body, Make it Count!



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