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June 2022, Patient of the month, Klaudia Gebert

Klaudia has been attending Ultra Sports Clinic following a longstanding ankle injury. Following a fracture with fixation surgery 18 years ago, she had flared up the pain on and off. During the last flared up she had to give up running because there was too much pain and she was unable to enjoy it anymore.

Our senior physiotherapist, Mirco Paldo, has been treating them since she had her last flared- up, helping recover the ROM of the ankle, the balance and the muscle strength that she needed for running, with tailored exercises. Furthermore, she is now following a running progression programme that is allowing her to gradual return to what she loves most.

Our soft tissue therapist, Chris Elliott, has been a game-changer, helping her to recover from the muscles fatigue and tightness. Adopting a multidisciplinary team (MDT), the two have worked together in order to allow Klaudia to return to running.

We strongly believe in working as a multidisciplinary team at Ultra Sports Clinic to give our patients the best care possible. The team are very proud of Klaudia for her determination and commitment to getting better and returning to run.


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