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Chris Elliott

Sports Massage Therapist

BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy, MSMA, MSST



+44 20 3893 5100

Chris Elliot | Ultra Sports Clinic

Chris is a graduate sports therapist and currently divides his time between Ultra Sports and Queens Park Rangers FC where he works with professional and youth development players.


He has been using soft tissue therapy as a treatment modality for over 11 years, beginning his career as a sports massage therapist within semi-professional football and county representative teams. He has also worked closely with individual athletes involved in disciplines ranging from rugby, hockey, tennis, marathons, triathlons, Iron Man, boxing and martial arts in order to encourage injury prevention, peak performance and recovery.


When treating Chris utilises a wide range of soft tissue treatment techniques and exercise prescriptions to achieve client goals, these include active & passive release; trigger point therapy; myofascial release; instrument-assisted soft tissue treatment, stretching and joint mobilisation.


Chris has developed a special interest in treating the hips through his experience in multi-directional field sports. He also enjoys treating the shoulder, often an important contributory factor in the neck and back pain associated with deskbound office injuries.

Chris can be found at our Bank Clinic.

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