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Ultra Sports Clinic - February 2020 Patient of the Month

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Meet Victor, our Patient of the Month for February 2020 .

Victor suffered a lumbar disc injury whilst snowboarding at the start of last year. Victor attended Ultra Sports Clinic in October after experiencing a relapse of symptoms and was struggling to take control of his recovery.

Victor was completely avoiding bending his lower back due to fear avoidance of re-injury whilst extending his back would cause referral pain down his leg. It was greatly impacting on his ability to work, participate in regular exercise and taking a mental toll as lower back pain so often does.

Treatment for lower back pain must be multifactorial to achieve optimal outcomes. Alex, our Senior Physiotherapist, empowered Victor with knowledge about lower back pathology & pain education, plus both hands-on therapy and exercise therapy.

Victor is now not requiring any pain relief, regained full range of movement and pushing forward with jogging and strength exercises. Victor has been an exemplary patient who has been highly motivated and dedicated to his recovery.

Well done!


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