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Ultra Sports Clinic - April 2020 Patient of the Month

Meet Milda Mackela, our Patient of the Month for April 2020 .

We are extremely honoured that Milda as chosen Ultra Sports Clinic to help her through her journey of recovery. We were so amazed by her story and her bravery, that we had no choice other than to make her our patient of the month. 

In 2018, Milda had to undergo surgery to remove a tumour from her brain. Since then, she has taken life head-on and has indulged in running, as a means of improving her well-being. She has partnered with the MacMillan Cancer Support, in creating awareness of people affected by the condition (@teammacmillan). 

She has started training for the Landmarks half marathon and, like most novice runners, fell in the trap of increasing her load of training too rapidly. She sustained a knee injury, caused by overloading certain structures and a few minor biomechanical deviances feeding into her specific injury. A key component for us was to make sure that we are managing her according to the demands of her sport, appreciating the unique characteristics that her body has and ensuring that by the time she hits the road again, she would not only be injury-free, but also performing better.

Milda has worked very hard on her rehabilitation program, adheres to the advice given to her regarding managing her training volumes, and trusts in the process/plan that we have created with her. She has been doing extremely well and we have reintegrated her into a running program, which she is managing well. 

It is heart-breaking that the events have been cancelled for now, but we trust that when starting gun goes off again, Milda will be more ready than ever to take on the challenge!



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