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Meet Kate Hayes, one of our Biokineticist & Physical Rehabilitation Therapists.

As part of the launch of our new clinic, we are profiling some of our key practitioners. Find out what they do behind the scenes.

What role do you do?

I am the Biokineticist at the Practice, I use exercise as my form of medicine to help individuals achieve full quality of life. I look at movement patterns, muscles activations and Biomechanics to solve the current pain or limitations that an individual may be experiencing.

What inspired you to become a Biokineticist?

I have always have a love for sport and being active. When I was young I said to my mother that I do not want to work behind a desk and stare at a computer all day. I am a creative person so Biokinetics gave me to combination of exercise, sport and a form of creativity. A great blend of all that I love.

Goals achieved?

Got into Biokinetics Honours

Owning/running my own private practice in South Africa

Running a half marathon

Moving to London

Bought a house in South Africa.

Best piece of advice?

Stop comparing yourself to other and achieve your OWN goals and dreams.

What’s your favourite exercise?

Roll ups ( one exercise) Bootcamp/plyometric ( Exercise I love doing)

Drink of the month?

Merlot red wine

Last Book or Movie?

Last book The Help and movie Stronger ( I am terrible when it comes to movies).

My favourite sport?

To play Hockey and to watch Cricket

Top snack?

Cheese and biscuits

Place to eat?

South Africa: Sale Pepe and London: A classic London pub

Something you don't know about me?

I love baking....and eating it:)



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