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Meet Melissa Reynolds, Senior Physiotherapist

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

What inspired you to become a physio?

I grew up playing loads of different sports at school which meant several physiotherapy visits over the years. This led to my interest in the treatment of different injuries and to pursue a career as a physiotherapist.

Best piece of advice?

There is no "right time", there is just time and what you choose to do with it!

Drink of the month?

Expresso Martini's

Place to eat?

La mia Mamma - Best Italian food!

Top snack?

Popcorn and the salted Tony's Chocolate

Latest movie?

Mr & Mrs Smith

Something you don't know about me?

My name derives from the Greek word Mélissa, meaning "bee", which was taken from the word meli, meaning "honey". Therefore Melissa = honey bee 🐝

You can find Melissa at our Bank Clinic.


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