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Meet Esme Westcott, one of our Senior Physiotherapists.

As part of the launch of our new clinic, we are profiling some of our key practitioners. Find out what they do behind the scenes.

What role do you do?

I am a Senior Physiotherapist at Ultra Sports Clinic in the city, and also a clinic in Hertfordshire.

What inspired you to become a Physio?

I wanted to work with people, and I didn’t want a desk job. After spending extensive time with a careers counsellor doing numerous tests, physio was one of the careers suggested; I spent a day in a physiotherapy department and was immediately drawn to the profession.

Goals achieved?

I owned a successful practice in South Africa; then took a leap of faith (that in itself tends to be an ongoing goal for me) by relocating to the UK and am happily settled……. and I now also have an adolescent dog.

What’s your favourite exercise?


Best piece of advice?

Listen to the advice of your physio, and do your prescribed exercises. We can only help you if you help yourself.

Drink of the month?

A crisp dry white wine

Last Book?

The God of Small Things – Arundhati Roy

Top snack?

Fresh mango

Something you don't know about me?

I play the piano, have done since before I can remember.



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