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Meet Damian Lazzaro, one of our Senior Physiotherapists.

As part of the launch of our new clinic, we are profiling some of our key practitioners. Find out what they do behind the scenes.

What inspired you to become a Physio?

From a young age, I wanted to work as a health care practitioner. As I got older and became more involved with sport, I decided I wanted to work with an active population. This made Physiotherapy the logical and attractive choice.

What’s your favourite exercise?

Cycling for 3 main reasons 1. It’s the perfect combination of aerobic and anaerobic training 2. It’s low impact so it doesn’t put as much stress on your joints as other forms of exercise 3. It’s something people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy

Best piece of advice?

When it comes to managing an injury – complete the full course of rehabilitation as that will significantly reduce your risk of re-injury. Patience is the key – it's a marathon, not a sprint!

Goals Achieved?

Moving to London was a personal goal for a long time – I’m glad I finally did it!

Drink of the month?

Espresso Martini

Last Book?

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Top snack?

Celery + Peanut Butter (crunchy of course)

Something you don't

know about me?

My favourite sport is NFL with my favourite team being the Philadelphia Eagles



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