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What is the Activator Methods Chiropractic Therapy (AMCT)? and how it can help you

The Activator Methods Chiropractic Therapy (AMCT) is an advanced form of chiropractic care. It offers patients a safe, effective, precise and gentle alternative to the more traditional ‘crack and pop’ approach in chiropractic treatment.

Activator Methods (AM) Chiropractors in the UK have completed the approved standards of education and follow the General Chiropractic Council standards of practice and conduct. They have also trained extensively to be awarded the additional qualification of the Activator Methods.

During each treatment session, AM Chiropractors analyse patients with a meticulous testing protocol to evaluate the function of feet, extremities, spine, muscles and the nervous system. Patients are examined and treated in a relaxed horizontal position which preserves and enhances the weight-bearing distortions and postural compensation characteristics from normal vertical activities. Then the AM Chiropractor corrects the underlying mechanical & neurological problems with a hand-held Activator chiropractic instrument.

Activator chiropractic instruments are calibrated to deliver a direct and focused corrective impulse into the imbalanced spinal segments and various parts of the

physical body. To deliver such well-controlled corrective adjustment does not require any twisting, cracking and popping. Individuals typically only feel a quick tapping sensation without undue physical strain and mental stress. This approach works well for people of all ages, shapes and sizes, included office workers, active individuals, professional athletes, manual labours, pregnant people, older adults, children and


AMCT has been the subject of scientific research that found it not only safe but every bit as effective as other more traditional spinal manipulative techniques. It is also the only instrument adjusting technique that has been the subject of 23 clinical trials with more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific research articles have been written about the Activator-Methods and Activator Chiropractic Instruments.

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