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Ultra Sports Clinic - September Patient of the Month

Meet Rosa, our Patient of the Month for September.

Rosa has battled a long standing left hip pain which has left her unable to climb stairs, sit in a chair for longer than 20 minutes without significant pain and the inability to sleep in any position but on her back. She struggles with walking and has not been able to exercise in the gym for a few years.

When she first came to us earlier this year, she was very worried about her future and that she may never return to exercise.

Rosa's pain is caused by an injury to a tendon attaching to the outside of her hip (lateral hip pain syndrome). Unfortunately, when her tendon takes too much load it can be very painful which sees her hobbling when walking to try to reduce the load and pain. Sitting causes the tendon to compress against the bone which is also very painful - similarly with lying in bed. So, as you can see life can be pretty difficult for her.

The key to her treatment was managing Rosa's function in order to reduce the amount of time she was irritating the tendon - sitting, stairs, walking etc. but then importantly to begin reloading the tendon at a level that it could cope with and to adapt to load again.

Gradually with much patience she has managed the injury to a state where a few weeks ago she came in with a beaming smile and reported that she had returned to the gym for the first time in years, something she felt she may never be able to do. To Rosa being able to go to gym is a very important part of her life.

We still have a long road to go (stairs to climb) but to see that smile and the sheer happiness of achieving this milestone after all she has been through has us nominating Rosa as client of the month - oh and she can now sit pain free!

Well done Rosa!

And to all of you fighting your battles in the trenches with my colleagues - hang in there and keep going!


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