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Ultra Sports Clinic - October Patient of the Month

Meet Olivia, our Patient of the Month for October.

In February 2019, Olivia came to Ultra Sports Clinic after having surgery on her Left knee.

She had a procedure done where they removed and implanted cartilage into the lateral aspect of her left knee.

Olivia is a keen sportswoman and has always been extremely active, fit and strong. She has a passion for Triathlons and not only participates but spends a fair amount of time coaching individuals in this sport. The knee operation, therefore, posed a challenge for her since it had the potential to affect her lifestyle.

Needless to say, Olivia wasted no time in seeing a Physio, along with a Biokineticist, both of whom worked on regaining strength, proprioception and stability around her knee joint.

She was very diligent when it came to her physical rehab and almost immediately started to show improvement in her strength.

She was also very aware of her biomechanics and slowly started to re-introduce running and plyometric based exercises.

After 5-6months of rehab Olivia was finally ready to participate in her first triathlon since surgery.

Last month she competed in the International Triathlon Union World Champs and had an outstanding result – being placed in the top 20.

We, at Ultra Sports Clinic, are extremely proud of Olivia and what she has achieved. Her perseverance and hard work have certainly paid off. 



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