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Ultra Sports Clinic - July Patient of the Month

Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Meet Nisarg, our Patient of the Month for July.

Nisarg was a promising wrestler who ruptured his ACL and tore his meniscus in early 2018. He was completing his final year of school at the time and therefore had to prioritise study over a gruelling 9-12 months of post-op rehabilitation.

Nisarg eventually completed his schooling in Manchester and had his ACL reconstruction surgery shortly thereafter. He arrived in London with limited knee mobility and pain in the kneecap every time he bent the knee.

Nisarg saw Ultra Sports Clinic’s Senior Physiotherapist, Damian Lazzaro, for intense rehabilitation. This consisted of massage, joint mobilisation, taping and home exercises in the early phase to restore full knee mobility. Nisarg then undertook a bespoke rehabilitation plan which was put together by Damian. After a course of training that consisted of strength, plyometrics, proprioception, change of direction as well as sport specific drills, Nisarg has successfully made it back to gym and is back at wrestling academy. Nisarg is now the fittest and strongest he has ever been and Ultra Sports Clinic couldn’t be prouder of his efforts.

Well done Nisarg!


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