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Ultra Sports Clinic - August Patient of the Month

Meet Nick, our Patient of the Month for August. Nick is a keen runner and has been seeing Michelle Massarany, a Senior Physiotherapist at Ultra Sports Clinic, for the past year for various running related injuries. When Nick originally attended the clinic in June 2018, he was suffering with his feet. Nick had a Morton's neuroma, or growth of nerve tissue which had grown in between his toes, which he had surgically removed. It had still been giving him issues since the excision, but since then he had also developed plantar fasciitis and a tendinopathy. With the help of massage, mobilisation, significant taping and various coping strategies, Nick was able to get over the line in a 53 mile race, under a week after his first session. This year, Nick completed the Brighton and London Marathon, but his biggest challenge was a 100km race in mid-July called the Race to the Stones. Unfortunately 2 months before the race, Nick sustained a small tear in his hamstring tendon. Again, Nick was faced with a very short time-frame of recovery, however he was straight in to see Michelle to get going onto his rehabilitation. Michelle immediately prescribed a specific exercise program for loading and strengthening the tendon and gave him a graduated return to running program. Nick also attended physiotherapy weekly for treatment and to have his program progressed. Through commitment to his rehabilitation and complete and utter determination, Nick finished the race in 12 hours and 45 minutes, and with only slight discomfort! Michelle and Ultra Sports Clinic are extremely proud of Nick for his achievement and will be continuing to assist him in his journey to be fitter and stronger, and reach higher than ever before!

Well done Nick!


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