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Ultra Sports Clinic - August 2020 Patient of the Month

Meet Luis, our patient of the month for August!

Luis presented to the clinic late last year with an array of ongoing lower limb injuries that were preventing him from living his life to the fullest.

Luis had previously been advised to cease cycling due to knee pain. He trialled some other forms of exercise but found himself waking every day with unrelenting pain through his knees & shins. 

Through working with Alex, one of our Senior Physiotherapists & Nicci, our Biokineticist, Luis just completed a full weekend of cycling pain free.

Despite the pandemic, Luis continued online consultations in which Alex provided expert education on managing pain & controlling load. Nicci was able to provide a tailored exercise program that adequately addressed Luis' strength deficits & biomechanics.

Congratulations to Luis for taking ownership of his health and achieving his goals! We love to see it!


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