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September Patient of the Month, Laura Lielbarde

You get patients who are diligent with their exercises, then you get patients who are very diligent with their exercises, and then you get Laura.

Laura is a former elite sprinter who has been struggling with knee and back pain for the last few months. This has prevented her from doing the activities that she enjoys to stay fit and healthy. On top of this, she also has a one-year-old toddler that requires his mum to pick him up and play with him frequently.

Laura was referred by her knee consultant to seek help at Ultra Sports Clinic and she came very motivated to resolve her issues. After a period of settling down her symptoms with manual therapy, she got stuck into the rehab and has steadily made progress in strengthening the areas that were a bit weaker and restoring the balance between the muscles.

She is doing very well and we are very proud of Laura. Keep it up!!


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