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October 2020 - Patient of the Month

Meet Tunc Ilgin.

In July 2020, Tunc came to Ultra Sports Clinic with presenting pain in both his right Hamstring and left ankle.

Tunc is an avid Hockey player, so naturally has found these pain limitations challenging.

As a team, both Nicci Robson (Biokineticist) and Jaco Visagie (Clinical Lead/ Senior Physiotherapist) came up with a functional treatment plan to get Tunc moving and rehabbed.

Our ultimate goal, getting Tunc back on the hockey pitch, pain free and strong.

Manual therapy and Strength training have been the current focus with emphasis on developing motor control as well as the incorporation of functional movement patterns replicating that of a Hockey game.

During this process Tunc underwent ankle surgery but has shown a tremendous come back by continuing his rehab and strength training with both Nicci and Jaco.

We have nominated Tunc as patient of the month as his consistent dedication and compliance has not only helped with physical recovery but also re-emphasised that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything.


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