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December 21 Patient of the Month, Negar Tadayon

Negar Tadayon has a been loyal and dedicated patient at Ultra Sports Clinic, for many years. Having always been keen on staying fit, Negar regularly attended the gym. She first attended Ultra Sports Clinic, when suffering hip pain, and was treated by Clinical Director Ashleigh Weinand and Biokineticist Nicci Robson . After thorough investigation, unfortunately it transpired that Negar would need a double hip replacement. Negar had her first surgery in 2019 and her second in July 2021. The focus of Negar’s rehab was around regaining strength and stability, enabling her to return to activities she struggled with before her surgery. Her ultimate goal would be eventually to run on the treadmill again. Never shy of a challenge, both Ashleigh and Nicci worked hard build a treatment plan to suit Negar’s needs and outlined her path to recovery. After hard work, perseverance and patience, Negar is now pain free! Over the next couple of months, she plans to return to running under the exert guidance of Ashleigh and Nicci. We can’t wait to see the result and will be with Negar every step of the way!!!


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