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Meet Richard Buckland. Our November Patient of the Month, together with Biokineticist, Nicci Robson

Richard came to Ultra Sports back in July 2020 when he experienced some unexpected health complications. He needed some necessary lifestyle changes, most importantly – exercise. Under the safe guidance of Nicci, our Biokineticist, the aim was for Richard to gain strength and condition his body.

Recovery is a two way journey. We guide and encourage, but the necessary hours need to be put in. Richard embraced the opportunity

His blood pressure was monitored before, during and after exercises along with consistent communication as to how he felt in general. After 2 months of exercises, twice a week guided by Nicci, Richard got a clean bill of health and could return to work.

We are extremely proud of Richard and continue to support him on his journey.

He is a pure example of how determination and consistency can result in a successful outcome.

Well done Richard.

Keep up the great work. 💚💚


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