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Meet Patient of the Month Kishan Parmar

Kishan came to Ultra Sports Clinic on the 15th of October after he tore his left hamstring playing football a few days before. Kishan is a keen football player but has repeatedly injured his hamstrings over the years. It was therefore important not only to rehabilitate Kishan back onto the pitch, but to also show him what strength exercises were needed to maintain peak physical condition and to prevent re-injury.

Kishan has been receiving physiotherapy treatment by our Senior Physiotherapist Christine Fletcher, who has been focusing on both concentric and eccentric loading of the hamstrings and emphasising correct biomechanics of the lower limb.

Kishan has done a tremendous job in record time. From limping into the clinic in October, he is now back at football training and at the gym (as lockdown permits) and has returned to running and even sprints. Next year will see his commitment and perseverance pay off, as we are expecting full return to play in January when season kicks off again!

Congrats to Kishan and all his hard work!


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