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June Patient of the Month, Nicola Geldart

Nicola came to Ultra Sports Clinic in 2019 after having a Right Labral Hip repair.

At the beginning of 2021, Nicola then had to subsequently have her Left Labral Hip repair done.

Thanks to Nicola's extensive prehab, under the care of Nicci (Biokineticist), Nicola went into her surgery feeling strong and fit.

Nicola has always enjoyed her running and it has been an end goal of hers to get back out and running.

With the combination of Physiotherapy (Christine Fletcher) and Biokinetics (Nicci Robson) Nicola gradually worked on regaining her mobility, strength and functionality back.

Four 4months post-op, Nicola is now back running small distances on both the treadmill and outside.

It is with Nicolas great determination and consistency to both her pre-hab and rehab that has enabled her to get back into those running shoes.

Over the next couple of weeks focus will be around regaining further strength, increasing her plyometric strength and then ultimately increasing her running mileage.

It is for all these reasons above that we congratulate Nicola on being Ultra Sports Clinic patient of the month.


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