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January 2022, Patient of the Month, Ashish Vij

Ashish has been attending Ultra Sports Clinic following a longstanding knee injury, requiring patellar stabilisation surgery done under the highly regarded consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr. Samuel Church at Fortius Clinic.

Our senior physiotherapist, Kylie Jacobs, has been treating him postoperatively to regain his range of motion, decrease swelling, re-strengthen the surrounding muscles, and begin early phase rehab. Our biokineticist, Nicci Robson, has subsequently started working with him as he entered his longer-term rehab phase and as a multidisciplinary team (MDT), the two have worked together in order to bring Ash back to optimal function and will continue to do so until he is stronger than ever before.

We strongly believe in working as a multidisciplinary team at Ultra Sports Clinic to give our patients the best care possible. The team is very proud of Ash for his determination and commitment to getting better and move towards achieving his short-and-long term goals! Well done, Ash!


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