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August Patient of the Month, Sion Baldwin-Jones

Sion underwent an ACL reconstruction in March earlier this year with our colleague and surgeon Mr Kash Akhtar, after suffering from periods of instability and knee pain for several months. ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament and is important in preventing the tibia (shin bone) from separating away from the femur (thigh bone). It is heavily relied upon for stabilising the knee in all sports and physical activity. 

Sion has done a great job in the last 5 months, working hard with our Senior Physiotherapist Christine Fletcher at the Liverpool St clinic. Sion has now progressed into a tailored running program and his rehab is becoming more dynamic to improve his to ability to change direction and shift weight as needed for all sports. 

ACL rehabilitation can be long and often requires 9-12 months to fully recover and get back to competitive sports. Sion has been a pleasure to work with and it is great to see his confidence increasing week to week. Great job Sion, let's keep you moving forwards! 


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