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April 2022, Patient(s) of the Month, Lexie & Laura

We are very excited to introduce to you our patients of the month. We have been honoured not only to be treating one Henderson but two! Meet Lexie and Laura.

Laura was very unfortunate during a skiing accident where she fell and fractured a few of her lumbar vertebrae. It was decided that she will focus on managing her injury conservatively (non-surgically). After a series manual therapy to settle down her symptoms, a program created specifically to her individual needs, and absolute hard graft from Laura, we are very proud that she is now pain free and has returned to her normal active lifestyle!

Lexie also suffered a skiing accident where she injured her knee! She had to undergo surgery done by our exceptional colleague, Mr Kash Akhtar. After being off the leg for several weeks, Lexie could finally start her rehab process and she has been so diligent with her exercises that she is miles ahead of the curve!

We are so proud of these two sisters, and we hope all our patients could strive to work as hard as they do.


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