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15 min Body Review 

We can tell you the EXACT treatments you need. We will give you a 15 min body review on us. After the session, we will give you a treatment plan if required with one of our in-house Physiotherapists, Osteopath’s, Chiropractor’s, Sports Masseuse or Physical Rehabilitation Specialist.

Call us now to book in a free 15-minute consulation +44 (0)203 893 5100

What people are saying

Tom M

There are numerous reasons why this is genuinely the BEST physiotherapy clinic someone should go to if you are serious about recovering from injury affecting your training/fitness. Obviously, they have the best Physios in town - led by the pinnacle healer in this field - Ashleigh Wienand.


Alex MacLeod

Last year I came for advice on my knee after surgery to repair my ACL and meniscus. This year I had some sessions with Damian for rehab to the same knee after collateral and meniscal injuries that had not been improving at all with physio elsewhere. He got me back on the football field with a strong knee.


George Head

Ultra Sports Clinic is a great clinic and I would 100% recommend. Ashleigh and her team are extremely friendly and are great at what they do. I have had a pleasant experience here during the rehabilitation after my shoulder operation. I am pleased with the amount of time and focus each member of staff has spent on me to help me as much as possible.

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