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Some tips for running in cold weather

With the colder weather setting in across the UK (and snow predicted), those who enjoy running or outdoor sports will feel the effects of the temperature drop, so here are some tips on how to warm up and prepare your body properly, so as to prevent injury.

1. Always wear the correct gear


  • Always wear shoes that keep the wetness out and warmth in

  • Ensure your shoes have good grip and are trail running shoes

Wear layers

  • When exercising wearing layers, ensure you are hot without sweating, as this could lead to you catching a cold

  • Don't be shy in striping down your layers during your run

  • Ensure you wear windproof and rainproof layers


  • A good headlight will help you see where you are going

  • Remember to wear reflective and bright attire (brighter the better)

2. Plan you trip

Watch the weather forecast

  • As it gets darker earlier, ensure you choose your time of day wisely

Give yourself an attainable goal

  • Smaller running loops is just as effective

Hold yourself accountable

  • Get up and just do it

  • Run with a buddy, so that you an encourage each other

3. Warm up pre-run

Dynamic stretching and activities

  • Use sports-specific motion to actively move joints and muscles, on the spot running

  • Squats/lunges/jumping jacks/hip swings/calf raises do them all

The benefits of doing these are before you start is that it:

  • Improves your blood flow

  • Increases your muscle flexibility

  • Increases your muscle temperature

  • Helps reduce risks of injuries (muscles strains or pulls)

Remember to do these stretches inside not outside in the cold weather

4. Stay hydrated

  • You are lose fluids through sweating and breathing out water vapor, so hydrate

  • Room temperature water is best to drink

  • Ensure you drink enough fluids (before and during exercise)

  • Warm drinks can be drank after running

5. Post running

Cool down

  • Slow jog or walk to bring heart rate down

  • Light stretches

Get inside and take of sweaty or wet layers

  • Metabolic rate will drop quickly after running

  • Change into warm and dry layers ASAP

  • Take a warm shower or bath


  • Drink water and/or hot drinks

Even though it is cold outside, there are numerous benefits to exercising in the cold weather

  • Burning calories - Increase in brown fat which burns calories, rather than storing white fat

  • Increase metabolism - Assists with changing your body composition

  • Increases your aerobic activity

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