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Packages for Chiropractor treatments

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

At Ultra Sports Clinic our care plans consist of varying types of treatments such as; chiropractic adjustments, massage, soft tissue treatments, rehabilitative exercise KT taping and much more. When combined – these treatments allow us to customise a care plan that works for YOU!

Our goal for every patient is to make sure that we get them FUNCTIONALLY better and not just feeling better. This, however, can and often does take time. We will work with each patient to identify their health needs and help them obtain the results that he or she wants.

To obtain these results a course of care is often recommended – which your chiropractor will discuss with you personally at your initial consultation.

Chiropractor Treatment Costs

Initial Consultation Appointment £105

Follow up Appointments £80

  • Consultation

  • Manipulation

  • Manual therapy

  • Guidance on posture & lifestyle issues

Chiropractor Pain Relief Package (5 visits)

  • 1 Initial Consultation

  • 4 Follow up Appointments

Total price: £375 (usually £425, 13% saving)

Chiropractor Corrective Package (5 follow up visits)

  • 5 Follow up Appointments

Total price: £350 (usually £400, 15% saving)

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