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MSK Podiatry

Musculoskeletal Podiatrists are experts in diagnosing and managing foot and ankle injuries. If your foot pain is keeping you from doing the activities you love, your podiatrist is committed to getting you back on your feet. we will treat athletes of all levels, from short-distance walking to ultra marathon running. 

When should you book in? 

A podiatrist will treat a variety of foot and ankle pathologies, If you are suffering from Achilles tendinitis, shin splits (MTSS), big toe/bunion pain, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, tibialis posterior, tendon dysfunction, ankle sprain, adult acquired flat foot, peroneal tendinopathy, arthritis, Morton's neuroma, paediatric gait difficulties, you should come and see us.


What should I expect from my appointment?

Health Your podiatrist will ask you questions relating to your injury and lifestyle. they will make an accurate diagnosis sometimes using ultrasound scanning technology or refer for an MRI/X-Ray if needed. They will assess how you walk (gait analysis) and/or run using video analysis on a treadmill. They will perform some clinical tests and suggest potential reasons why you are getting this pain and provide a personalized package of care to help you improve your quality of life and get you back on your feet.

Call us now to book in see our Expert +44 (0)203 893 5100

What people are saying

Laura Kightlinger

I have been an athlete my entire life and am very particular about injury prevention and rehab. Ultra Sports is the best cinic I have been to, with super experienced practitioners (and I've seen many of them) who treat root cause, not just symptoms. They work cross functionally as a team so that patients receive holistic care. Plus, they're all very personable and caring. I won't go anywhere else in London!


Nitin Barath

I would highly recommend Any Curran to anyone looking for a podiatrist. She's incredibly friendly and engaging. A consummate professional, she took time to understand my issues (flat feet, knee injuries) and patiently worked with me in finding the right orthotic insoles. I've tried orthotics before only to fin them extremely painful. not in this case. I now have them for every type of footwear, ski boots included. Thanks Amy! 


Simon Ager

Super friendly and supportive. Robust treatment and plan that helped recovery in super quick time using physical and acupuncture therapy. 

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