Harvey Young

Advanced Proficiency Chiropractor

MChiro (Hons)


+44 20 3893 5100


Harvey is an Advanced Proficiency Chiropractor, one of the few practitioners in the UK/Europe qualified and registered for the Activator Methods (activator.com). He also has qualifications in Personal Training, Rehabilitation Yoga and Group Fitness Programmes, He has spent his a career of 20 years working for gyms, health clubs, yoga studios and private clinics.   

Harvey has a proven track record helping his patients to overcome pain/stiffness, to return to sport and work after injuries, to understand better how to use their bodies and to live healthier lives. He specialises in Activator Methods Chiropractic Therapy (AMCT) and Movement & Posture Training. 

Harvey prides himself on taking a contemporary, bio-psycho-social approach to treat and manage people with various pain, muscle, nerve, joint and bone problems. It means he understands the importance of evaluating the whole person, including the physical element of the human body, the interrelationship between the different body systems, the complexity of the human mind and impact of external circumstances. Therefore he can develop a therapeutic and preventative care plan that works specifically for each patient. 

Outside of work, Harvey enjoys spending time on personal development and engaging in activities, however small, to bring positive changes to the world.